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 Hola!!! Holy WAR Strategy

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PostSubject: Hola!!! Holy WAR Strategy   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:20 pm

Hi guys, this is my strategy for the next Holy War. (Based in my own experience)

There are 2 ways to get the Glory in Holy wars :


The first one is good for you but its not good for the order.
You get 1.000.000 Holy powders then you atack like rambo To make a big individual score
then take a beer and finaly sitdown to see how ur order lose the next battles without you. Fk it BAYLIFE!!

(that was my situation the last event) No J4GO Noob No

We won a battle with 4800Points in the last event because i atacked like crazy and waste more than 30hp on it.
Then we lost some wars only by 100points because we where all out of stamina.

SECOND ONE (and the best)

You keep your holy powder, choise your battles and atack when is the time to atack

Ok ok J4GO i'll keep my HP but scratch what is the best moment to atack?

FIRST, You need to know if the enemy is online and how many people is atacking us.

Sometimes there is only one enemy atacking us.

The best moment to atack in this situation is the last 3 minutes of the battle.
He will think we are not online if we let him take the lead by 200/or less points.
So we can let him take the Lead by 100p and do a massive atack in the last 3 minutes of the war.
He will not have any time to counter atack

You need to Constantly look the score and the war log to know who is atacking us.
The log is usefull to know how many people is online in the other order.

Dont atack wen we are winning by a lot of points.
Atacking when we are winning by 1000p its a waste of Stamina and you could need it for the next war.

It's your choise, we can win a war with score 1100/200 and lose the next one with score 200/300.

Finaly, this is not the Bible of Holy wards.
You can comment and add tips to improve our skills.

Good Luck, Have Fun Sry for my english :p

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PostSubject: Re: Hola!!! Holy WAR Strategy   Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:52 pm

great advice! i feel into the same trap as you did last event lol. this time well be more cordinated as it was most of our 1st holy war
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Hola!!! Holy WAR Strategy
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